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Lucina Yue
Player of Konghou in the performance of “Guan Ju” in “Memory”

Lucina Yue

(Player of Konghou in the performance of “Guan Ju” in “Memory”)

Lucina Yue is a well-known Konghou performer based in USA, a pioneer of contemporary Chinese Konghou in eastern America. She is an executive director of the Konghou Institute of Chinese Musicians’ Association, as well as a student of Cui Junzhi, the initiator of the art of contemporary Konghou.

Cui Junzhi, the initiator of the art of contemporary Konghou, discovered that Lucina Yue was very much talented for learning Konghou and decided to teach and nurture her when they made the very first encounter. This special connection has given Lucina a high platform at the beginning of learning Konghou that others could only yearn for. Lucina’s passion for this instrument is close to the point of madness. After years of painstaking practice in Konghou, Lucina has mastered exquisite virtuosity. By now, she has won various awards in the profession, including the merit award and first prize for Konghou performance in the CCTV Chinese Instrumental Music Competition; the gold award in “Huain Cup” International Chinese Instrument Competition; the gold award in Asian Arts Festival, etc.

Lucina’s performance is characterized by its combination of the dreamlike charms and imagination from the East and the sophisticated structure and hierarchy from the West. The perfect mix of the advantages of the East and the West, simple yet profound, has caused a sensation wherever she goes. She has been invited to give a solo performance at the Harrisburg Parliament Hall in Pennsylvania, and performed with the New Asia Chamber Music Society at Jose Grand Theatre and Hulsey Theatre… Currently, Lucina has performed at numerous music halls and theatres across eastern America. She has also held solo concerts in various places.

Lucina has created a lot of “first times” with the significant achievements of her. For example, she is the first Chinese musician who has been invited by a western orchestra to perform Konghou at the Lincoln Center; the first to give a solo Konghou performance at the headquarters of UN; the first to be invited by a wester orchestra to replace harp by Konghou; the first to break the boundary and bring Konghou into the New York Fashion Week, starting a new chapter for folk instrumental music. She has also been invited by China Post to create her own personal commemorative stamps and postcards, the first time that a Konghou performer appears on stamps.

Lucina once stated, “Being a Chinese, I’m responsible for the inheritance of Chinese culture, which is nurtured in the long history of this civilization. Wealth and power are meaningless on the path to earn the respect from the world; it is culture that is capable of conquering the world. A nation would also lose its soul and value without its culture.” Now, she has made great efforts on her part in promoting the Chinese culture.

Lucina’s portrait has been published on the well-known American visual magazine Dark Beauty. She has also been specially invited to the popular Chinese interview program New York Meeting Room in America, as well as Chinese New Yorker’s China Institute - Renwen Society Seminar “Flight of the Phoenix – Lucina Yue and her Konghou String Dance”. Lucina is still on the path of creating more legends.

“Memory”, a “STARl +” large-scale creative integrated performance, is to be staged on May 26-27, 2017, and Lucina Yue will present the Konghou performance “Guan Ju”, an ancient poem widely read and studied by the literati of China. “Guan Ju” is extracted from The Book of Poetry, the very first classical Chinese poetry collection which is significant in the history of Chinese poetry. “Guan Ju” appears as the opening piece of the book, which marks its position as an important poetry work in the history of Chinese literature. As Lucina Yue plays “Guan Ju”, the beautiful melody and enchanting music will cleanse the souls of people, giving the audience a fleeting glance at the thoughts and sentiments of our ancestors thousands of years ago.

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