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Erkin abdulla
A performer in the special interactive session of “Memory” – “Yue Yuan” interactive performance

(A performer in the special interactive session of “Memory” – “Yue Yuan” interactive performance)

The full name of Erkin  is Erkin abdulla, and he is known as the “Prince of Xiyu Love Songs”. Arken is China’s creative genius possessing the greatest musical temperament and the most diverse musical styles. He has boarded the stage of CCTV Spring Festival Gala for twice (2004, 2005); the songs created by him are appreciated by countless singers, and there is also no shortage of tycoons in the music circle who have covered his songs again and again in the most popular large-scale stages; his outstanding contribution to music is a valuable treasure.

The CCTV Spring Festival Gala has been China’s largest, most-watched, highest-rated, and most influential variety show since its inception in 1983. Boarding the CCTV Spring Festival Gala stage not only represents supreme honor, but also represents artistic attainments beyond ordinary people, and Erkinsuccessfully did it. Arken sang “Alamuhan” at the 2004 CCTV Spring Festival Gala and “Lift You Veil” at the 2005 CCTV Spring Festival Gala. Erkin has his own unique style in music performance, and his stage performances are diversified in forms and fashionable in style, showing a folk singer’s new image and a strong sense of contemporaneity.

Back in 1999, after graduating from Minzu University of China, Erkin embarked on the road of a professional musician because of his love of music, and formed the Alken band. With “Flamenco” as the main line, he integrates the styles of Latin music, country music, and jazz music into his own, creating a unique style that is loved by the public. Particularly, in the streets of Xinjiang, people often hold a guitar to play his songs for entertainment in their leisure time or at parties, which shows his great popularity among the locals. Later, he continued to make breakthroughs and innovations in folk music by integrating more music elements in the world, such as the lute of Turkey, the classical flamenco guitar of Spain Andalusian, the samba music of Brazil and the blues of United States in some of his songs. The addition of these elements makes his music more modernized and globalized, with distinct characteristics of world music.

From 2002 to 2013, he published seven albums, many of which are original works produced on his own. Popular songs such as “Balangzai”, “Where is My Girl”, “The Camellia Girl”, “Lolan Girl” are all produced by Alken, and these songs were later introduced by numerous singers to a lot of large-scale stages, including some internationally renowned stages.

In addition, as a as a Uygur musician, Alken has been focusing on the inheritance and development of traditional music heritage of Uygur in his creation. He absorbed the artistic essence of time-honored Dolan Muqam of Uygur to create outstanding songs that integrate Chinese elements with western styles and adapt ancient forms for present-day use, such as “Tianshan Eagle” and “Buddhist Caves”. He once served as the music director for Quintessenso Kashgar Children’s Art Troupe, leaving a valuable asset for the inheritance of ethnic cultures by organizing, producing, adapting and performing nursery rhymes of the ethnic groups on the Pamirs with very small population.

“Memory”, a “STARl +” large-scale creative integrated performance, is to be staged on May 26-27, 2017, and Alken will lead his band to perform impromptu folk music with the most classic and wonderful cadenza battle, in the special interactive session – “Yue Yuan” interactive performance.

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