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Hasi Bagen
Horsehead fiddle performer in “Galloping Horses”, a program of “Memory”

Hasi Bagen

(Horsehead fiddle performer in “Galloping Horses”, a program of “Memory”)

Hasi Bagen, known as a “Legendary Prairie Figure”, is a world-class young master of horsehead fiddle, and his name is well-known in China’s folk music circle. He is also the co-founder of “Hulang” Band and a cross-border collaborating musician of Poland’s DAGADANA Band, cooperating with many bands such as “Mengguzheng” Pioneer Band, “North” Contemporary Mongolian Music Laboratory, “Zulu” Band, etc.

Horsehead fiddle is the soul of the music of Hasi Bagen. The melody of horsehead fiddle music is the description of the prairie, being far more melodious than the painter’s colors and the poet’s words. Starting to learn horsehead fiddle at the age of eleven, Hasi Bagen has engaged in the interpretation and creation of horsehead fiddle art for over 20 years, and he has a unique style in horsehead fiddle playing. Hasi Bagen’s horsehead fiddle playing embodies the vast prairie, whistling wind, sad mood, galloping hoof sounds…, and his sonorous voice and the vigorous tone of horsehead fiddle tell the stories on the prairie to the audiences.

In life, Hasi Bagen is polite, gentle, steady, and often ineloquent in social occasions. However, he leaves quite a different impression once he pulls up the strings of horsehead fiddle, showing great courage and musical temperament that are eye-catching and often praised by the audience again and again. He has been invited by many sponsors to attend major festivals or activities of Boao Forum for Asia, St. Petersburg Art Festival, German National Youth Orchestra and US Asian Cultural Center. At the end of 2008, Hasi Bagen recorded the first original horsehead fiddle album CD of the band, which won the best HIFI performance nomination of Chinese Golden Melody Award in 2015, and won the “Best Original Ecology Album” award in the Eleventh (2015) Annual Top Ten Albums list. At the end of 2014, Hasi Bagen published his debut horsehead fiddle solo album named “Chile Song”. He also produced the cross-border cooperation album for Poland’s DAGADANA band. He was a semi-finalist in the “Sure Jazz-voice” contest of 2005 Montreux Jazz Festival in cooperation with Lynn Cassiers, a talented Belgian musician. Another cross-border cooperation work of him was Mountain Amile (Berlin Youth Symphony Orchestra).

“Memory”, a “STARl +” large-scale creative integrated performance, is to be staged on May 26-27, 2017, and Hasi Bagen will play the classic “Galloping Horses” for the performance. “Galloping Horses” shows a shocking scene on the prairie: in the endless wilderness, the storm cannot stop the horses’ obsession of speed – the horses run about wildly, and numerous horseshoes hits the earth, issuing a rumble bass and revealing the magnificence of nature and the broadness of life. The whole melody of “Galloping Horses” has a fast and violent rhythm, a heated atmosphere, a complex music structure, and a tremendous momentum. Hasi Bagen vividly plays this classic work with surging passion and sufficient tensile force, and demonstrates the outburst of enthusiasm of the song as well as the neighing and running of the horses, bringing the audience to the magnificent thousands of miles of grassland in Inner Mongolia

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