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Suzhou Pingtan
Storytelling and Ballad Singing in Suzhou Dialect

Suzhou PingtanStorytelling and Ballad Singing in Suzhou Dialectgenerally refers to the combination of two forms of art, namely storytelling in Suzhou dialect (Suzhou Pinghua) and ballad singing in Suzhou dialect (Suzhou Tanci), which originated in Suzhou, China and is prevalent in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai about four hundred years ago. Suzhou Pingtan is an ancient beautiful talking and singing art of the Han ethnic group, with very deep artistic tradition from the Han people and well-developed skills. It adopts the storytelling form of a Han folk art, Quyi, i.e. the sole oral storytelling presentation in the Wu dialects, among which the Suzhou dialect is most widely known.It contains talking, joking,instrument-playing,singing and acting. 

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