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Chinese Acrobatics
Chinese acrobatics is one of the oldest traditional performing arts with a long history, emerging around the Neolithic Age. In late Warring States Period

Chinese acrobatics is one of the oldest traditional performing arts with a long history, emerging around the Neolithic Age. In late Warring States Period, Qin defeated the other six vassal states and unified China, after which it absorbed the advantages of ancient wrestling of other states and formed a recreational acrobatic program called Jiao-Di opera, i.e. the origin of acrobatics. After several dynasties of evolution, acrobatic species have become more and more diversified and acrobatic skills have been more and more superb. Today, acrobatic art has developed from the showcase of skills to comprehensive art performance coordinated by orchestra, dancing, and lighting. Chinese acrobatics has great adaptability, and both its performance forms and performance sites show the characteristics of diversification. Chinese acrobatics has a strict tradition of succession, and each skill is passed down from generation to generation. However, it also absorbs a lot of essence from opera, dance as well as martial arts, and these artistic characteristics constitute the unique charms of Chinese acrobatics.


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