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Memory is a story of Wisdom and Soul
5D+” Large-Scale Performance Show Memory, an Interpretation of Wisdom and Soul by Ulan Xuerong​

5D+” Large-Scale Performance Show Memory, an Interpretation of Wisdom and Soul by Ulan Xuerong

Memory, a “5D+” large-scale performance show initiated by China Film Huateng, is jointly produced by a Hollywood production team. The combination of high technology and innovative concepts will bring about stage art with the most advanced science and technology currently achievable. It will also serve perfectly as the background for the live performance of the arts of China’s intangible cultural heritage with the most profound history. The sponsor interprets the meaning of Memory as “the present is the future of the past”. Only when mankind stands fast in preserving culture and passing it on, will culture have its future, and will there be precious memories of human civilization in the future. The performance show of Memory is an audacious reinvention of intangible cultural heritage. It shows the arts of intangible cultural heritage through the combination of high technology and multiple kinds of modern elements in various forms. The performance show is more suited to the current aesthetic norms of people and will highlight to the maximum the enchantment and vitality of the arts of intangible cultural heritage.

Ulan Xuerong, the general director and chief planner of Memory, the well-known directors from Hollywood and the stage art engineers have conducted repeated research and discussion on the characterization of China’s top performing artists of intangible cultural heritage. The arrangement of music is constantly perfected, and the design of the script is elaborately polished. To ensure the perfect integration of state-of-the-art science and technology into the performances, China Film Huateng has invited John Hughes, an excellent visual director from Hollywood, to participate in the production of the programs. In order to present to the audience the most refined and most original artistic gems of intangible cultural heritage in a three-dimensional way through the stage, Ulan Xuerong has even unprecedentedly signed one hundred top artists of China. Among others, there are Qi Baoligao, a world-famous Morin Khuur master; Li Hong, the only inheritor of the combined skills of Large Reed and Maodun Chor (Hujia); Hasi Bagen, a young artist; Bodi Musical Group, Urtyn Duu performing artists; Li Bojie, the third-generation successor of Li’s Guqin; Arken Abdulla, a performing artist of Xinjiang Uyghur Muqam; Ji Baojie, a performing artist of Guzheng; Lu Lu, a Konghou performer and Lucina Yue, also a Konghou performer. They are all outstanding figures in the field of art performance. It is reported that China now has 37 protected intangible cultural heritage projects at the international level and 1,335 at the national level. These one thousand more protected projects of intangible cultural heritage represent the finest, most gorgeous and most eye-catching components of traditional Chinese culture, and these one hundred artists are none other than the epitome of our national intangible cultural heritage.

Ulan Xuerong is the general director and general producer of China Film Huateng (Beijing) Film & Television Culture Co., Ltd., as well as a chief planner, a bel canto artist, a cultural celebrity, a producer, an investor, the founder a clothing brand, China’s public service image ambassador and a member of the Chinese Musicians’ Association. It seems like she has a combination of both an energetic young girl and a composed wise woman living in her body. For each field she dabbles in, she has created incredible legends. Thirty years of artistic experience, a strong sense of responsibility over the national culture and an exceptionally sharp acumen for the market have not only granted her a steady flow of creative ideas on the stage interpretation of Memory, but also enabled her to combine exquisitely and audaciously Chinese stories with international way of production, so as to ultimately achieve a perfect representation.

People’s first impression on Ulan Xuerong is that she is intellectual and reserved. According to the media, “she is born with a kind of unique charisma. And it has granted her a strong ability to conquer.” As the journalists came to know, she started to learn the art of music when she was very young, and one of China’s most renowned art educators used to be her vocal music teacher. In the past thirty years of her career as an artist, she has received a lot of state-level awards in the field of musical arts. So far, no one else in the Inner Mongolia region has surpassed her remarkable achievements in the field of professional vocal music. She has also obtained notable achievements in teaching vocal music. Moreover, she has shown her talent in the development of the cultural and arts industry. The projects originally created and planned by her, such as the bespoke cultural tourism, have started a new development model of the cultural industry and caused a large number of people to follow suit. In recent years, she has been dedicated to the research and development of the arts of intangible cultural heritage. She is the planner of “5D+” Memory, a world carnival of intangible cultural heritage and a large-scale performance show of the artists’ live performances. It is another work of art that highlights artistic heritage applying her years of artistic experience.

When attending a media interview, Ulan Xuerong expressed that there was hardly any so-called difficulties in life. She stated that as long as you maintained your mindfulness or reminded yourself to do so, you would have focused on the present and become even-tempered and good-humored. She has always been reminding herself to focus on her work, stay alert and awake, be prepared to cope with any eventuality and act according to circumstances. In both work and life, she has always been holding on to the principle of not being anxious when failing to reach the target but learning from and enjoying the process of positive observances of the moment. Ulan Xuerong is a passionate and talented artist, a determined and wise cultural scholar, an investor with a broad vision who marches ahead of others courageously, and a charismatic and daring pioneer. We believe that Ulan Xuerong, who is the embodiment of all these characteristics, will create even greater legends in the field of stage art.

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