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Zhang Yixiang
Actor of the white elf in “Memory”

Zhang Yixiang

(Actor of the white elf in “Memory”)

As a young independent free dancer traveling around the world and a member of Chinese Dancers’ Association, Zhang Yixiang is particularly good at classical dance, ballet and contemporary dance. He used to be the choreographer of the “Workshop Dance Studio” and has created dozens of excellent works. He is a very versatile dancer.

The Chinese-American choreographer, educator and producer Wang Xiaolan considers Zhang Yixiang as a “truthful and talented” dancer. This is a very simple yet articulate description of him. In Zhang Yixiang’s works, we can clearly identify his clever utilisation of theatrical elements and visual expressions.

Zhang Yixiang graduated from the Beijing Dance Academy in 2008, specialised in Chinese classical dance. Then he joined the National Ballet of China, and participated in the creation of the Chinese version of The Nutcracker – “Guo Nian”. During his time in the group, he created numerous brilliant dance pieces including “The Awakening”, “Sometime, Somewhere”, “Fairytale”, “Nothing”, “In the Darkness”, “The Other Half”, “Clouds”, “Hurry” and so on. He also acted in tens of different ballet theatre pieces including “Peony Pavilion”, “Swan Lake”, “Sylvia”, “Yellow River”. “Wishes”, “The Symphony of Rachmaninov”, “Pink Floyd”, “The Nutcracker”, etc. He has also visited Korea, France, Australia, Brazil, the USA, the UK, Germany, Hong Kong and Macau for cultural exchange.

In 2012, Zhang Yixiang decided to become an independent free dancer traveling around the world. He then learned from masters at major ballet and modern dance groups including Paris Opera, Holland NDT Dance Theatre, William Forsythe’s Dance Group, etc. In 2013, he participated in the collaborative contemporary dance piece “Slow Motion”, and was invited to perform at the opening ceremony of College Theatre Festival of China and the Beijing Fringe Festival. Then he joined the most respected Chinese free theatre group Paper Tiger and toured to Holland Art Festival for the piece “Reading” directed by Tian Gebing. In 2014, he collaborated with Zhao Liang Dance Studio and created “Magical Tea and Mysterious Scriptures” for the opening of the NCPA Art Festival. He also collaborated with Xianwuren Studio in the tour of “Lotus” in China, and worked with Nine Theatre Dance Group for the contemporary dance drama “Rose’s invitation” which was invited to perform at the Beijing Fringe Festival. In 2015, he became one of the young artists selected by the Chinese Dancers’ Association for its special training programs for talented artists. His creative work “The Chamber of Secrets” was premiered at NCPA. In 2016, his choreography work “Mists of Time” for Kazakhstan National Ballet was premiered at the Kazakhstan National Theatre.

Zhang Yixiang once said, “I am curious about the unknown territories of dance. I prefer to search for my own artistic style along my journey of finding myself.”

“Memory”, a “STARl +” large-scale creative integrated performance, is to be staged on May 26-27, 2017, and Zhang Yixiang will play the role of thewhite elf. We believe that through his abundant experience in dance and accumulated wisdom in life, Zhang Yixiang, who always strives to improve himself, will express the white elf full of passion and emotions.

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