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Xiangyun Brothers
Actors in the performance of “Harmony of Yin and Yang” in “Memory”

Xiangyun Brothers

(Actors in the performance of “Harmony of Yin and Yang” in “Memory”)

The acrobatics team Xiangyun Brothers is formed by the twin brothers Yang Haoxiang and Yang Haoyun. They constantly break the boundaries of the traditional acrobatics performance and introduce various dance elements into it to add to the richness of visual presentation.

The Xiangyun Brothers is a very unique acrobatics team in China. There is so much hardship behind a great acrobatics performer: no happy childhood; no schooling for normal education; no company of parents… For most of them, only with sweats and tears could an amateur grow into a skilful and sophisticated acrobatics performer. Xiangyun Brothers once stated that there is no secret leading to success; if there is any, then it would be never giving up.

Yang Haoxiang and Yang Haoyun entered into the acrobatics troupe for training when they were only 10 years old. They started with a very difficult condition because their bodies were not as swift and slim as the others. As they could not catch up with their peers who started earlier, and even the teachers are reluctant to teach them. However, faced with an environment full of discrimination and rejection, the brothers diligently practiced somersaults every day, determined to work three times harder than the other apprentice. They. Day by day, they have built a very strong foundation in essential techniques.

Xiangyun Brothers started their “adventure” after leaving the acrobatic troupe in search for their career and dreams, bringing with them the unyielding spirit cultivated in the troupe. In recent years, through their determination and hard work, they have gained great recognition and participated in events and shows held by CCTV and other major TV stations. They also toured around China and the world. In 2016, Xiangyun Brothers are invited by the President of Overseas Chinese in Guam to perform in the Chinese Spring Festival Gala show hosted by overseas Chinese. They are also invited to perform in the USA, Italy, Malaysia, Singapore, Poland, Chile, Japan, Denmark, France and so on. The Xiangyun Brothers have composed their wonderful lives through strength and beauty.

“Expressive performance with solid skills”, “Very experienced actors”, “They are extremely responsible for their work. They are also observant, humble, motivated and devoted to their duties”…These are the comments from the colleagues who have worked with Xiangyun Brothers.

The most important achievement of Xiangyun Brothers is that they broke the traditions of Chinese acrobatics, making it more spectacular through introducing the elements of dance. For example, they took the Chinese poet Li Bai as the theme to create their acrobatics dance “Ink, Dance”. In this work, Xiangyun Brothers showcased their swift techniques and utilized elements from classical dance and calligraphy to make the acrobatic performance more sensational and visually pleasing. This work has earned much praise from Chinese dance artist Huang Doudou and the audience. However, Xiangyun Brothers are not content with these developments. They claimed that their greatest dream is to make acrobatics speak, and to create narratives using the new, diverse language of acrobatics.

“Memory”, a “STARl +” large-scale creative integrated performance, is to be staged on May 26-27, 2017, and Xiangyun Brothers’ highly sophisticated acrobatics performance will bring a lively presentation of the bonding of the souls of the two elves, i.e. the “Harmony of Yin and Yang”.

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