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Li Hong
Player of Cowboy’s Flute in the performance of “Beautiful China” in “Memory”

Li Hong

(Player of Cowboy’s Flute in the performance of “Beautiful China” in “Memory”)

Li Hong is an unique musician of the Chinese flute school. He is also the only successor of the Chinese intangible cultural heritage of combined Cowboy’s Flute and Maodun Chor (Hujia) skills. After forty years of diligently experimenting and practicing, he has made great achievements in the use of flute in performing traditional Mongolian musical techniques.

Li Hong has not only mastered in various schools of Chinese flute techniques including the Northern School, the Southern School and the New School, but also sophisticatedly combined them to experiment the potential of its artistic value. The unique style he has developed thus absorbs all of the characteristic of the three schools: the bright and passionate Northern School, the gentle and delicate Southern School, as well as the vivid and youthful New School, with particularly extensive and profound Mongolian sentiment. In recent years, he has collaborated with numerous composers both from China and abroad for a series of contemporary works. For example he worked with Mongolian composer Masier Zhabu and together they composed the popular reed pipe solo “Le Le Che”. In his Cowboy’s Flute work “Girl from Erdos”, he boldly introduced the world celebrated ancient instrument “Hujia” from northern China and applied a unique echo effect (“Maodun Chor” in Mongolian, which is considered as one of the most important music skills in Mongolian music). Through such experiments, he has achieved great innovation and breakthrough in inheriting the ancient traditional musical techniques of the Mogolian ethnic group and applying them to flute playing.

In September 2000, Li Hong won the special performance award in the Polish International Art Festival. In 2005, he once again won the golden award of folk wind music in the “Stars of China” competition. In 2009, he released a flute solo album entitled ‘Unforgettable Melody’. He has also been invited to perform in Mongolia, Japan, Singapore, Poland, Germany, Switzerland, Czech Republic, the Netherlands, Belgium, etc. for his unrivaled skills.

Li Hong stated, “The difficulty in playing and performing Chinese flute lies in not only the techniques, but more importantly the morals of the performer. Therefore the artistic focus of performing Chinese flute is the ‘echo of the heart’. There is much heritage deeply embedded in this instrument. It is the embodiment of traditional Chinese philosophy and aesthetics. This is the root of Chinese art, as well as the life of it. Today, as our comprehensive national power continues to grow, we should focus more on the history and development of our own culture. We should look at our traditions in a different way in order to better understand and promote them, as traditional culture is the gems of our nation. ”

“Memory”, a “STARl +” large-scale creative integrated performance, is to be staged on May 26-27, 2017, and Li Hong, together with Chinese zither performer Ji Baojie, will perform the melodious and magnificent “Beautiful China” with Cowboy’s Flute. “Beautiful China” is originally composed for Chinese zither, characterised by its fast tempo, bright melody, grandness and vigor. However, in this performance, Li Hong’s Cowboy’s Flute is creatively introduced into this piece to perform a duet with Ji Baojie. While the Cowboy’s Flute is gentle, rich in voice and mellow, deep in tone, Chinese zither has a wide range and a sonorous tone. With the novel combination of the two unique instruments, lingering charm and deep sentiments is added to the cheerful nature of the piece. “Beautiful China” played by the duo would take the audience into a grandiose imaginary world and let them dive into the beauty of China.

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