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Li Bojie
Player of Guqin in the performance of “Wine Soul” in “Memory”

Li Bojie

(Player of Guqin in the performance of “Wine Soul” in “Memory”)

Li Bojie, also known as “Ba Dou” (a Chinese metaphor for a very talented person), is considered as a “prodigy” in the field of Guqin. He is the third generation successor of the Li School Guqin of China, and he is also the youngest artist signed with China Film Huateng.

Li Bojie has a kind, honest and responsible character, which is praised by many. His artistic talents and upbringing in a musical family are also frequently talked about by people. His grandfather Li Yuxian is the successor of the art of Guqin, an intangible cultural heritage of China. His mother is the famous Chinese harp player Li Li, and his father is the well-known Chinese tenor Li Bing. Li Yuxian is the most respected Guqin master in China. He is also a music educator and the honorary president of Chinese Institute of Guqin, with a formidable reputation in the field of Guqin. He has made great efforts for the development and inheritance of Guqin art, which has a history of more than three thousand years, in China. Li Bojie started learning Guqin from Master Li Yuxian when he was a little child, and truly absorbed the essence of his grandfather’s strict teachings. He has also learned the harp and the piano from his mother. It is worth mentioning that he won the third prize in Swayder Youth & Children Piano Contest, a prestigious piano competition in Hong Kong, when he was only four and half years old.

In 2012, 15-year-old Bojie traveled to Canada for the Quebec Art Festival with an ensemble, and was a part of the music and art exchange with respected conductors. He has also won the first prize of Hong Kong “Qin Zheng Shi Yue” international invitational competition, the youth group gold award from the fourth Chinese Guqin Youlan-Yangchun Art Festival, the professional youth group gold award of 2012 Chinese Folk Instrument Art Festival… It is impressive to see how much he has already achieved in the first 18 years of his life.

Li Bojie has played Guqin for more than 10 years. His performance is uniquely characterised by his powerful finger tips, solid stopped sounds, capricious rhythm and rich sentiments. His performance has also moved thousands of audience. On 24th and 25th November, 2012, Li Bojie performed “Where Clouds Meet the Wind” and “Three Stanzas of Plum-blossoms” with Guqin in the Performing Hall, School of Oriental Arts, Nankai University and the Multi-purpose Room, Centennial Hall, Peking University respectively; on 17th August, 2016, he held his album release performance at the “Temple Theatre”, an opera house with a hundred years of history, and performed classical ancient music pieces such as “Wild Geese over the Clam Sands”, “The Creak of an Oar”, etc.

Apart from the inheritance of the art of Guqin, Li Bojie also never ceases to explore more of the potential artistic value of Guqin. This year, he has adapted the theme music from the American TV series Game of Thrones to Guqin. This work combines the beauty of both Eastern music and Western culture – a bold, innovative re-creation which not only explores the profound value of this ancient art of music, but also gives unlimited possibilities to the contemporary music works.

“Memory”, a “STARl +” large-scale creative integrated performance, is to be staged on May 26-27, 2017, and Li Bojie is going to play “Wine Soul” with Guqin. “Wine Soul” is a very unique and splendid piece in Guqin performance. It depicts the lunatic image of an alcoholic after drinking. The music uses the 3/8 rhythm specifically to vividly express the musical incarnation of the alcoholic. Li Bojie’s exquisite performance sophisticatedly depicts the dreamy emotions and stumbling movements of the drunk loner, (the black elf in the program) which would give the audience an insight into the character’s sentiments and psychological world through his music.

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