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Kan Linna
She will participate in the special interactive session of “Memory” – “Yue Yuan”

Kan Linna

(She will participate in the special interactive session of “Memory” – “Yue Yuan” interactive performance, performing playful, lovely and fascinating dance for the audience.)

Kan Linna, known as the “Shirley Temple of China” and “Little Whirling Queen of Asia”, is a shining child star engaging in multiple areas including film, television, song and dance, as well as a celebrity in entertainment programs of many television stations.

Kan Linna, who is 11 years old, has not only a bright, beautiful, lovely and angelical appearance, but also amazing talents. The girl, who has learnt dance since childhood, is capable of performing folk dance, Indian dance, belly dance and modern dance effortlessly. Because of the ability of whirling 126 circles with high speed in 1 minute without feeling dizzy, she once again broke the Guinness World Record, and is known as the “Little Whirling Queen of Asia”. Little Linna has unrivalled ability in keeping balance when whirling: she can still walk straight after whirling for 100 circles with high speed. With three bowls standing on her head and the topmost one filled with water, she is able to whirl continuously without spilling the water. Besides, she can readily complete the extremely challenging task of threading a needle while whirling.

Though Kan Linna is merely 11 years old this year, she has won a lot of major prizes that are beyond the reach of adults at a very young age: She won the Special Gold Award for National Belly Dance Open Tournament in 2010, the championship of children’s group in Beijing contest area of the Asian Belly Dance Performance in June 2011, the championship with full marks in the competition for Ten Talents in Beijing Show in 2011. As a versatile performer, Kan Linna is an inborn stage fairy. She has the gift of gab without any stage fright, as well as the stage charisma that contemporaries cannot compete. Each of her dancing posture and whirl on various stages makes the whole audience applaud.

In 2013, accompanying the leaders of Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the State Council, Kan Linna visited the United States. With rapid growth of popularity and constant improvement in dance skills, she becomes the idol of ever growing number of netizens. She, a dancer who is always active in the television programs in China, amazes the tens of thousands of audience in front of the televisions with one after another dance styles, displays of exotic charms and impressive performances.

“Memory”, a “STARl +” large-scale creative integrated performance, is to be staged on May 26-27, 2017, and Kan Linna will interact with the audience in the interactive session – “Yue Yuan” interactive performance. We believe that Kan Linna, who is cute, lovely and charming with irresistible attractiveness, will capture the hearts of the audience.

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