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Ji Baojie
Player of Chinese Zither in the performance of “Beautiful China” in “Memory”

Ji Baojie

(Player of Chinese Zither in the performance of “Beautiful China” in “Memory”)

She is conferred to the title of “Goddess of Zither”, and first-class state level performer of China. She has a fascinating, innocent and carefree character, and plays the zither with a free-flowing style. She has a natural artistic temperament.

i Baojie showed extraordinary musical talent at a very young age. She began to practice zither at the age of five. After more than twenty years of hard work, she has formed her own music style. By playing zither in a unique way and mixing Eastern and Western instruments, she gives a new interpretation to the music of Chinese Zither. She introduces the ancient Chinese culture to the world in a modern way. The classical music builds her classical complex, and enables her to form the style of performance featuring cleanness, purity and transcendence of the worldly. Her fans affectionately call her the Goddess of Zither.

Ji Baojie’s representative works include Young Girl's Affection, Vain Longing, Song of Burying Flowers, Bosom Friend, Song of Shepherd, Three Stanzas of Plum Blossoms, Jasmine Flower and so on. With exquisite skills in playing zither, extraordinary musical expressiveness and deep understanding of each piece of music, she plays each work with rich emotions, allowing the audience to feel the strong vitality of music. When she plays the Young Girl's Affection (an episode of the television drama Journey to the West), the audience seems to feel the mountains, running water, stringed woodwind and winter snow flowing in the air upon a stroke on the strings. It is a feeling of life’s call lingering eternally, which can never be explained clearly and expressed fully. Ji Baojie enables us to enjoy the unique beauty of Chinese classical music. The Vain Longing (an episode of TV drama Dream of the Red Mansion) played by her has neither the intense passion of popular music, nor the hysterical indignation of rock music, yet the feelings it conveys are as strong as both. These strong feelings are like mere trickles flowing into the audience’s hearts in calmness and serenity, nourishing them in a unique way.

Her outstanding performance in playing zither enables her to exchange and perform on a number of important occasions at home and abroad, which attract the whole world's attention. For example, in 2009, outperforming other teachers, she went to Singapore to perform zither on behalf of outstanding Chinese zither teachers. In 2009, she was rated as the Best Zither Teacher, and visited Singapore for exchange and performance on behalf of outstanding Chinese zither teachers. In 2010, she went to the Golden Hall of Vienna to give a performance. In 2011, she was invited to play the Chinese musical instrument of zither for the President of Cote d'Ivoire. In 2013, she was invited to give a performance in the National Convention Center. In 2014, she attended the evening dinner held by the News Office of the State Council.

“Memory”, a “STARl +” large-scale creative integrated performance, is to be staged on May 26-27, 2017, and Ji Baojie and Li Hong, a flute player, will perform the program “Beautiful China”. The characteristic combination of Chinese Zither + Cowboy’s Flute will create an intense and strong rhythm and present the audience with the melodious and magnificent “Beautiful China”, bringing them a unique musical conception.

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