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Bodi Group
The singers performing “Canticle of the Sun” and “Joy”, the two opening songs of “Memory”, in Mongolian Long Tune.

Bodi Group

(The singers performing “Canticle of the Sun” and “Joy”, the two opening songs of “Memory”, in Mongolian Long Tune.)

Known as “the singers with the voice of the heavens”, Bodi Group is a very unique folk music duo signed by China Film Huateng. The main singers are Saren Tonglaga (male) and Manaohua (female). They have grown from unknown resident singers into the current hottest folk music duo since the group was established 14 years ago.

“Bodi (transliteration)” is Mongolian, implicating “goodness, integrity and Bodhisattva” and symbolizing the good combinations in life. The Mongolian ethnic group is a group of people who are good at singing and dancing in China, known as the “people of music” and “people of poetry”. Saren Tonglaga and Manaohua has inherited the good musical talents of their ancestors; they own the unique vocal rhymes of the Inner Mongolian people, and interpret each song in a rich prairie atmosphere with their penetrating and appealing voices.

Both of the members did not accept regular college education and they were initially grass-root singers. Therefore, their music career may be more difficult than the average singer. When the band was first established, they were resident singers for various scenic spots. The singing venue had poor conditions and had to be changed every two or three months, and their performing life was wandering and hard. However, these experiences greatly honed their rare singing abilities and enabled them to form a unique style. They have received a variety of national awards and been invited to perform in large-scale performances and the Spring Festival Gala shows of a number of regions and provinces such as Chifeng, Baotou and Xilinhot in Inner Mongolia, as well as Anhui Satellite TV.

Audiences listening to their singing are not stingy to give praises. They have been adhering to folk music that is of rich regional characteristics and continuing to study in order to interpret prairie music style to the extreme. They have good intonation and their breath is smooth, broad and full of emotions when singing. Even their a cappella singing without musical accompaniment gives ultimate enjoyment for the audience. At a dinner, they once improvised a prairie song during chatting, where their high-pitched melodious song unfolded the beauty of a vast grassland at the dinner scene. This scene was videotaped and uploaded online by a friend, followed which it was crazily clicked, forwarded, and even spread to the Australian social platforms in just a few days. Bodi Group is favored by the audiences and appreciated by established musicians of the music world.

“Memory”, a “STARl +” large-scale creative integrated performance, is to be staged on May 26-27, 2017, and Bodi Group is to perform the opening “Canticle of the Sun” in featured Mongolian Long Tune. “Canticle of the Sun” is a hymn eulogizing the sun for bringing vitality to all things as well as goodness and hope for the world. Owning the “voice of the heavens”, Bodi Group often stuns countless people once they start to sing. Their high-pitched and mellow voices will perform the “Canticle of the Sun” to the extreme, praising the magnificent scene that the sun shines on the earth and the greatness of the sun, as well as expressing infinite respect for the sun. Following the “Canticle of the Sun”, they will bring a beautiful melody of the Mongolian folk song “Joy”. “Joy” is a Chinese Mongolian folk song that is circulated widely among the masses and exudes a rich atmosphere of grassland living. With their own understanding of this song and relaxed, pleasant tone throughout the singing, they are able to bring the audience together to the endless grassland, and share the joy of pastoral life.

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