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Zhao Lei
Actor of the black elf in “Memory”

Zhao Lei

(Actor of the black elf in “Memory”)

As a young Dancer, a member of Chinese Dancers’ Association and a Master of Art, Zhao Lei is a well-known actor of dance drama. He is a winner of the gold award in “Lotus Award” for Chinese dance in grassroot folk dance and contemporary dance categories, as well as the gold award in the International Mongolian Dance Competition. He is also the individual category gold award winer of “Taoli Cup” Dance Competition, which is the highest-level youth dancing competition in China.

Born as a Mongolian, Zhao Lei has been highly influenced by his artistic family. He is talented in both music and dance, and especially loved dancing when he was young. Supported and encouraged by his family, Zhao Lei got into the Inner Mogolian Pre-school Normal Art School, majoring in dance, which confirmed his dedication to dance in his life. On his journey of dance, he has made a lot of “the first place”. For example, he was the first student who won the gold award in the “Taoli Cup” National Dance Competition when he studied at the Art College of Inner Mongolia University, and he is also the first graduate student of the male-Mogolian dance.

In August 2008, Zhao Lei participated the opening ceremony of 2008 Beijing Olympic Games; in October 2009, Zhao Lei went to the USA for scholarly exchange and performance; in October 2011, he participated in a charity performance in Russia and in May 2012, he went to Denmark and Sweden for cultural exchange…These experience has given Zhao Lei a rather glorious dancing journey.

The Chinese version of “So you think you can dance” is a professional dance reviewing program with a huge influence in China. In 2014, Zhao Lei excelled in his performance in “So you think you can dance”, and showcased his swift moves with a skillful combination of martial arts and dance. His excellent performance has earned much praise from many respected dancers and artists there, and he was rated highly by Jin Xing, the famous dancer.

As a major actor of dance drama pieces “The sun never sets”, “Lao Shan Ode”, “Blueprint”, “Xixia Incidents” and the leading man of “Hobq”, Zhao Lei perfectly presents the passion and sentiments of his characters with his explosive force and fine grasp of emotions on stage.

“Memory”, a “STARl +” large-scale creative integrated performance, is to be staged on May 26-27, 2017, and Zhao Lei will appear as the balck elf. He will certainly bring this character to life on stage with his rich experience from dozens of dance dramas.

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