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Zhou Lijun
Actress of the goddess of flowers in “Memory”

Zhou Lijun

(Actress of the goddess of flowers in “Memory”)

Zhou Lijun, a young dancer, is praised as the “most beautiful stunner in the world of Chinese dance”, and she is the lead dancer in numerous excellent dance drama pieces. Another important role which gained her much fame is the director of choreography for films.

Zhou Lijun graduated from Beijing Dance Academy, specialized in classical dance. Beijing Dance Academy is the only professional dance institute of higher education in China, as well as a famous dance academy with the largest size and most sophisticated structure of courses in the world. Zhou Lijun’s professional training here has given her very strong fundamentals for her later developments.

The large scale dance drama piece “Everlasting Regret” features more than 300 hundred professional dancers. Zhou Lijun was selected as the important leading woman for the character of Concubine Young, and has brought this character into life on stage through her sophisticated body movements and profound sentiments. The love story between Concubine Young and the emperor was then delicately presented in a very touching way. Zhou Lijun also performed as the female lead in pieces such as “Hanging the Red Light”, “Flower Whisper”, ‘Li People’s Homeland”, “Attraction of the Bird’s Nest”, dance poetry piece “Voice of the Urn”, “Conjugal Bliss” and so on.

Zhou Lijun’s excellence in dance has been confirmed by various established artists and choreographers. In 2014, Zhou Lijun participated in the Chinese version of “So you think you can dance”, a professional dance reviewing program in China, and gained a great reputation and positive feedbacks from the dance critics and the audience. Through her performance of “Clouds Chasing the Moon”, she gave a charismatic showcase of exquisiteness and delicacy, as well as the charming posture of woman, which displayed her solid skills in classical dance.

Zhou Lijun’s excellence and hard work are not only praised by the dance world, but also attracts the attention from the cinema field. In 2014, Peter Pau, who won the Oscars for the best cinematography in 2001, invited Zhou Lijun to be the director of choreography for Li Bingbing, the leading woman, in his 3D fantasy film “Zhong Kui: Snow Girl and the Dark Crystal”. She also showcased her dance expertise in her role as the dance stunt double for Li Bingbing in the film.

It is not difficult for us to discover Zhou Lijun’s great talents in acting different characters in her numerous works. She can be the most graceful or the most stunning, the most peaceful or the most cheerful… She is commented by Jin Xin as “the most beautiful stunner in the world of Chinese dance”. This is no doubt the highest appreciation, praise and encouragement for a professional dancer like her.

“Memory”, a “STARl +” large-scale creative integrated performance, is to be staged on May 26-27, 2017, and Zhou Lijun will act as the goddess of flower. With the love and drama with the black elf and the white elf, Zhou

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