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Singer performing in closing music battle song “Synchronicity”

Aygül is a folk singer, dancer, screenwriter and director of large-scale song and dance drama.

A legendary figure in the coaching of Indian dance, Aygül introduced the Indian Bollywood dance to more than a dozen cities of China, successfully fostering nearly 1,000 students while creating an incredible body of new works.

She has made tremendous advancements in the cultural exchange between China and India, and is known as the “No. 1 Promoter of Bollywood in China.”

In 2011, Aygül founded the first qualified Indian dance training school in China. That year, she won the China-India Cultural Exchange Special Contribution Award.

Her outstanding students are all over the country, the most successful being her daughter Kan Linna. Kan Linna is a young dance star in China, which is largedly attributed to the training of her mother Aygül.

As a screenwriter and director of many large-scale song and dance dramas, Aygül has made impressive achievements. In 2012, “Lift Your Veil”, a dance created by Aygül, won first prize in choreography by the Chinese Dancers Association. In 2012, she wrote and directed the song and dance drama “Pleasant Goat and Beautiful Goat.” In 2014, “Love of Bollywood,” a large scale dance drama written and directed by Aygül, received high praise and box office success. In 2015, “The Princess of Silk Road,” a large-scale music, picture and dance drama written and directed by Aygül, became a box-office smash. That same year, Aygül was invited to be the general director of the World Silk Road Summit.

Aygü has frequently appeared in various large-scale activities and major TV programs in China. She has also performed to high praise in Algeria, Qatar, Sudan, Morocco and other countries.

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